There are several newsletters provided for the benefit of King County Master Gardeners. The public may find some of the articles of interest. Some back issues are provided here.

Note: Links in these newsletters published in issues prior to September 2019 that go to the WSU Extension Publication website may be broken. Follow this updated link to the new publications website to download these linked publications: We are sorry for this inconvenience.

The Foundation Connection, an e-newsletter published monthly provides information about what’s happening specifically in King County, with profiles of KC MGs, news and helpful announcements. Find the list of the back issues here.

¡¡Heads Up!! is published by the King County Master Gardener Diagnostic Lab to share data collected and compiled on plant problems referred to the Lab. Find the list of the back issues here.

Seeds for Thought is published in February, May, August and November of each year by the Master Gardener Foundation of Washington State. This newsletter contains information about the organizational activities of the state Foundation and articles of statewide interest to Master Gardeners. Access all issues of Seeds For Thought on the WSU site.

News You Can Use (sent by the King County WSU Master Gardener Program Coordinator): find program related news such as conferences, policy changes, new Fact Sheets and the WSU Hortsense and Pestsense websites’ updates, along with continuing education opportunities and other ways that Master Gardeners may gain service hours. Look for these messages in your email INBOX.

The Foundation Connection Back Issues


  • March 2021 MGF e-Newsletter: Reload, Refresh, Rekindle, Required – Advanced Training; COVID Times: Obsessed with Tomatoes; The 2021 King County Master Gardener Plant Sale & Garden Market; Getting Ready: Resources for Early Spring Gardening; NW Fruit webinars; Miller Library Selection: Wild Berries of Washington and Oregon; Continuing Ed Opportunities; Events & Coming Attractions
  • February 2021 MGF e-Newsletter: 2021 Master Gardener Advanced Training; Meet the (Board) President MG Jim Olson; The Gadabout Gardener: New Year, New Plants; 2021 MG Online Plant Sale; Miller Library Selection: Blooming Flowers: A Seasonal History of Plants and People; Continuing Ed Opportunities; News & Updates
  • January 2021 MGF e-Newsletter: Don’t Wait to Start Your 2021 Continuing Education; Message from the Board; Meet Foundation Board Member Carrie Hill; Enhancing Our Partnerships: BBG; Up and Running! Growing Groceries 2021; Bellevue Demo Garden: Saturday Workshops Resume; Passing the Baton: MGF Facebook; In Memoriam; Miller Library selection: Essential Pruning Techniques; Continuing Ed Opportunities; News & Updates


  • November-December 2020 MGF e-Newsletter: 2020 MG Annual Meeting & Recognition Event; Get Ready for Recertification; News from the Board; Why are you a MG?; 2020 Email Clinic; Foodies in the Garden; Miller Library selection: Greenwood, A Novel; Continuing Ed Opportunities; News & Updates
  • October 2020 MGF e-Newsletter: Program Coordinator’s Updates; News from the Board; Meet Trish Bloor; Garden Spotlight: Finn Hill Demo Garden; East Meets West summary; Miller Library selection: Common Mosses of W Oregon and Washington; Continuing Ed Opportunities; News & Updates
  • September 2020 MGF e-Newsletter: East Meets West fundraiser; Meet Wendy Jordan; Outstanding Master Gardener nomination; Ellen A’Key Grant winner; New Tip Sheet: Climate Friendly Gardening; Growing Groceries 2020-2021 Season; What Do I Do Now?; News Shoots; September Book Selection: Legacy of a Passionate Gardener by MG Pat Roome; Continuing Ed Opportunities; News & Updates
  • August 2020 MGF e-Newsletter: Record your MG Hours; Meet Bruce Caredio; Update on Virtual Clinics; Companion Planting; Weeds of the West download; 2021 Intern Training Update; Home Horticulture Course coming; Book Selection: Fifty Plants that Changed the Course of History; Continuing Ed Opportunities; News & Updates
  • July 2020 MGF e-Newsletter: News from the Foundation; Valentina Barei Shares her History; Got Questions? Ask a Master Gardener; Foodies in the Garden: Consider Borage; WSU Extension Forestry Program: Free Webinars; Miller Library: Butterflies of the PNW; Continuing Ed Opportunities; News & Updates
  • June 2020 MGF e-Newsletter: News from the Foundation; Alison Johnson’s Time on the Board; Spring Plant Sales; Perennial Potters; A’Key Grant Deadline; Free WSU Extension Forestry Webinars; News Shoots: Online Clinics for email and chat; Horticulture Books: The Tree Book; Continuing Ed Opportunities; News & Updates
  • May 2020 MGF e-Newsletter: Program Updates; It’s All About Service; President’s Message; Plant Sale Online; Growing Groceries in May and July; Plant Sale Sponsors and Vendors; A’Key Grant; Foodies in the Garden; Ciscoe’s Ooh, La, La!; News & Updates
  • April 2020 MGF e-Newsletter: Program Updates; Extend Your Resources – Online Continuing Education; April Growing Groceries Moves Online; What Do I Do Now? Some Creative Ideas by MG Bruce Williams; Horticulture Books of the Month for Spring; News Shoots: Foundation Elections Update; News & Updates
  • March 2020 MGF e-Newsletter: Plant Sale: It Takes a Community, What’s New; Splendor in the Garden Gala; Why I Like MGs; President’s Message; Soils Workshop Recap; Miller Library: The Climate Conscious Gardener; News & Updates
  • February 2020 MGF e-Newsletter: Spring Plant Sale, Gala; New Tip Sheets; Soils Workshop, Spring@Shoreline; Paradise Part 2; Miller Library: Saving Tarboo Creek; News & Updates
  • January 2020 MGF e-Newsletter: New Leadership: Mary Watts; CUH Spring Plant Sale and Gala; Paradise: Port Townsend; January: What’s To Do; Miller Library: Flora of Middle Earth; New Shoots: Recertification, Plant Sale Gala Auction Items, Plant Sale Help Needed, Master Fruit Tree Stewardship Program; News & Updates


  • November-December 2019 MGF e-Newsletter: New KCMG Program Coordinator-Welcome, Mary Watts; 2019 MG Recognitions; Tribal Life Trail; Winter – Time to Practice Pruning; President’s Message; Miller Library A New Garden Ethic; News Shoots – Reapplication Starts Soon; News & Updates
  • October 2019 MGF e-Newsletter: President’s Message; MG Program: Lend a Hand; Plant ID Project; November CE-Environmental Stewardship; Lake City Planter Project; 4th Annual Cool Plants, Hot Topics; Program Update 2-WSU Report; Growing Groceries Starts; Miller Library Street Farm; News Shoots; News & Updates
  • September 2019 MGF e-Newsletter: Changes to the Foundation Board; Growing Groceries Season 2; Program Coordinator Search Update; Your Autumn To-Do List; Foodies in the Garden: Sorrel; Call for Nominations for Outstanding MGs; Garden Revolution; News Shoots: What’s Killing the Birch Trees, CHOMP!
  • August 2019 MGF e-Newsletter: Gadabout Gardener in the Southwest, 2019 Ellen A’Key Grant, Growing Groceries Season 2, Who Deserves our Applause? Outstanding MGs, Cool Plants & Hot Topics 4, Rabbits in the Garden, 2020 Spring Plant Sale: Houseplants, The Pacific Northwest Garden Tour, What I Like about the MG Program, News Shoots: 2020 MG Applications, Get a Tetanus Shot
  • July 2019 MGF e-Newsletter: President’s Message: Your Help Needed, MGF CUH Plant Sale, International MG Conference Summary, Magnuson Children’s Garden Celebration, Garden Wise Non-Invasive Plants for Your Garden, News Shoots: Neely-Soames Open House, Magnuson CG Radio
  • June 2019 MGF e-Newsletter: MG Plant Sales 2019, Happy Hour Plus, MG Teaching Kits, Favorite Annuals, Foundation Board Transitions, Raffle Winners, What I Like about the MG Program, Growing Roses in the PNW
  • May 2019 MGF e-Newsletter: A Closer Look at the Diagnostics Lab, Remember to Vote, Typical Clinic Client Questions, MGF Plant Sale History, Remember to GiveBIG, A’Key Grant, Zero Hours??, MG of the Year Nominations; Incredible Edibles
  • April 2019 MGF e-Newsletter: Call for Volunteers for Plant Sale; Plant Sale Happy Hour Plus Party; Eat What You Grow; Choosing Tomato Varieties; Plant Sale Parking; Potting Parties Perennials Galore; Ellen A’Key Grant Announcement; GiveBIG May 8; Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden
  • March 2019 MGF e-Newsletter: Say-Show-Share; MG Plant Sale; Mini Potting Party Time; Noxious Weed Control Classes; February Snowpocalypse; Serving on the Foundation Board; Our Native Bees; News Shoots: Growing Groceries classes update; Plant Sale Party Silent Auction; Call for Creative types
  • February 2019 MGF e-Newsletter: MGs John and Lynne Skidmore, MGFKC Search, new WSU publications, CE Day at Shoreline, CUH Plant Sale volunteerism, 2018 Foundation financial report, The Northwest Garden Manifesto, Needing MG volunteers for local events
  • January 2019 MGF e-Newsletter: Re-evaluating our Plant Clinic Processes, Epsom Salts Use in Home Gardens, 2019 CUH Master Gardener Plant Sale, Gadabout Gardener Goes Victorian, Favorite Plant Propagation Books, President’s Message, Remembering Steve Walker– the Gardenfather


  • November-December 2018 MGF e-Newsletter: 2018 Annual Meeting and Recognition Event, President’s Message, New Publications from WSU, Remembering Barbara Hainley, Your Generosity Makes a Difference, RHS Genealogy for Gardeners
  • October 2018 MGF e-Newsletter: Vashon Island MG Community in the Garden; September Events Digest: Cool Plants, A Retirement of Importance, the State MG Conference; Fruit tree covers; Growing Groceries 2.0 update; Nov. 17 All Day CE; Rhapsody in Green
  • September 2018 MGF e-Newsletter: MG Lisa Marahrens; 12th Annual Piper’s Orchard Festival of Fruit, Sept. 22 at Bellevue Botanical Garden; 2018 Ellen A’Key Award; Growing Groceries 2.0; Outstanding MGs Nominations; The Living Jigsaw: The secret life in your garden
  • August 2018 MGF e-Newsletter: Elaine’s Retiring from the Perfect Job, Growing Groceries, Marking Time & Anniversaries, mid-year Financials, 2019 Applications for MG Training, Getting Educated at the OR MG Conference, Make Your Hours Count Literally, Colors of the West
  • July 2018 MGF e-Newsletter: Partnering with Bellevue Botanical Garden, Spring Plant Sales Results, MG Maggie Greenslit, Pfingst Animal Acres, MGF President’s Letter, Fronds & Anemones
  • June 2018 MGF e-Newsletter: Garden Gala: 12 Years of Great Fun, Garden Gala Gift Raffle, MG Suzanne Abbott, Earth Day at Bothell Children’s Garden, MGF President’s Letter, King County’s Diagnostics Lab: Problem Solvers Extraordinaire, Witness Tree: Seasons of Change with a Century-Old Oak, Save-the-Date for Bellevue Botanical Garden Sale & Speakers, News Shoots: New Board Members, 2018 GiveBIG Results, Plant Sale Raffle Winners
  • May 2018 MGF e-Newsletter: 2018 Garden Gala, GiveBIG, Vote!-Board Elections, MGF President’s Letter, Master Gardener of the Year, News Shoots: Plant Sale Parking and Volunteer Instructions, Birds of the Pacific Northwest, The Foundation Connection: Editorial Guidelines
  • April 2018 MGF e-Newsletter: Parking at the Plant Sale, Garden Gala, Vashon’s New MG Garden, Flowers vs Foliage, Plains Perennials Part 3, MG Teaching Kits, Welcome New MG Interns, MGF President’s Letter, GiveBIG, Raffle Tickets, A’Key Grant Applications, Container Theme Gardens
  • March 2018 MGF e-Newsletter: Bellevue Nursery & Botanical Garden Clinics, CUH Plant Sale Pot ‘Em Ups, Volunteer at the Plant Sale, MGF President’s Letter, Gadabout Gardener: Plains Perennials Part 2, Easy CEs, Purple Veggies, Month-by-Month in PNW
  • February 2018 MGF e-Newsletter: MG CUH Plant Sale-Changing Perennials, Growing Peppers Trial Results, Pocket Orchards, Spring CE Opportunity in King County, MGF President’s Letter, MGF 2017 Financial Results, High-Yield Vegetable Gardening
  • January 2018 MGF e-Newsletter: MG CUH Plant Sale Changing, MGF President’s Letter, Gadabout Gardener: Plants Part 1, Growing Peppers in King County, Spring CE Opportunity, Miller Library Book Lists


  • November-December 2017 MGF e-Newsletter: 2017 MG Recognition Event, Ballard Fred Meyer Clinic, MGF President’s Letter, Thank You Generous MGs, Amazon Smile, Changes to KCMG Internships, Book Review: Seeds on Ice
  • October 2017 MGF e-Newsletter: Renton McLendon Hardware Clinic, MGF President’s Letter, Ashes on My Asters, Generous Master Gardeners, Renton CE: Epic Battle of Plants, September MG Events Recap, Book Review: How Plants Work
  • September 2017 MGF e-Newsletter: Renton Farmers Market and Fairwood Library Clinics, A’Key Grant 2017 Winner, MG Gordon Polson, MG Summer Picnic, BDG Harvest Festival, MGF Fall Sale & Speakers Event, Short Subjects on MG Applications, Outstanding MGs Nominations, Piper’s Creek Orchard Festival
  • August 2017 MGF e-Newsletter: Redmond market Clinic, MG Carrie Hill, MGF President’s Letter, Westside Clinics Get Together, MGF Midyear Financials, Short Subjects on MG Summer Picnic and 2018 KCMG Training in Burien
  • July 2017 MGF e-Newsletter: Ballard Farmers Market Clinic, MG Jean Wang, Outgoing MGF President’s Message, 40 Year MGs Celebrated, The Gadabout Gardener: Next Stop, Yosemite, Short Subjects on Spring Sale, Raffle Winners, GiveBIG, new MGF Board of Directors
  • June 2017 MGF e-Newsletter: Kent-McLendon & Covington Library Clinics, MG Linda Heaney, Attracting Beneficials to Your Garden, MG Book Groups, Congratulations new Board members
  • May 2017 MGF e-Newsletter: University District Clinic, MG Jim Little, The Gadabout Gardener: View from Here, Late Bloomers, MGFKC Plant Sale and CE
  • April 2017 MGF e-Newsletter: Pot Up Your Extras, More Plants Needed for the Sale, MG Debi Quirk, Pend Oreille-A 2015 A’Key Success Story, 2017 A’Key Grant, 2017 GiveBIG, How to Buy Right Plants, Tools & Garden Supplies, BDG Plant Sale, Board Elections, Openings for Education Committee
  • March 2017 MGF e-Newsletter: Become a Better Diagnostician, Diversity in the Garden, MG Marcia Dillon: The Tomato Lady, Remembering Cass Turnbull, Root Girdling, Food and the City, May 2017 CUH Plant Sale
  • February 2017 MGF e-Newsletter: Updated Clinic Resources, MG Traci Hanna, Searching for Board Nominations, Getting Ready for the Plant Sale, A Botanist’s Vocabulary, Join the Education Committee
  • January 2017 MGF e-Newsletter: MG Tom Church, Winter Propagation, Molbak’s Clinic, Article on Biosolids, WSU Dealing with Drought, Book on Earthworms


  • November-December 2016 MGF e-Newsletter: Recognition Breakfast, 2017 Plant Sale, Fall Plant Sale Review, MG Phyllis Kaiden at Vashon, Poinsettias, Wildlife-Friendly Vegetable Gardening
  • October 2016 MGF e-Newsletter: Zoo Clinic, Shorewood HS Culinary Garden, 2016 A’Key Grant, BDG Tomato Test
  • September 2016 MGF e-Newsletter: MG Wally Prestbo, Bellevue Home Depot Clinic, Neely-Soames Homestead Demo Garden, Cultivating (More) Knowledge: Lichens
  • August 2016 MGF e-Newsletter: MG Frank Peters, Vashon Dry Garden, Vashon Island Ace Hardware Clinic, Article on Fall and Winter Crops
  • July 2016 MGF e-Newsletter: 2016 Plant Sale Results, Ronald McDonald House Gardens, Auburn Farmers Market Clinic, Summer Picnic Survey Results, Board Elections
  • June 2016 MGF e-Newsletter: MG Drexie Malone at Carkeek Gardens, Bothell Children’s Garden, 2016 Preview Party Relived, A President’s Farewell, Cultivating (More) Knowledge: Poison Hemlock, Pop-Up Clinics
  • May 2016 MGF e-Newsletter: President’s Message, MG Mick Duggan, Cesar Chavez Demo Garden, 15 Years After the Fire – CUH is Thriving, CUH Clinic
  • April 2016 MGF e-Newsletter: MG Patty Logan, CE Marathon, Issaquah Clinic, Online Clinic and Garden Map, Board Member Gary Scheider, A’Key Grant Program
  • March 2016 MGF e-Newsletter: MG Gia Parsons, Growing Groceries Program, 2016 NW Flower & Garden Show, Snoqualmie Valley and Issaquah Clinics Join, Article on Bees
  • February 2016 MGF e-Newsletter: MG Suzanne Broback, MGF Plant Sale, MG Class of 2016
  • January 2016 MGF e-Newsletter: MG Steve Walker, Bellevue Demo Garden, BDG Clinic, Serving on the MGFKC Board, Article on Making Better Planting Decisions


  • December 2015 MGF e-Newsletter: Bountiful Demo Gardens, MG Fred Wemer, Washington Park Arboretum Clinic, Board Member Paul Gardiner, Neely Mansion Demo Garden
  • November 2015 MGF e-Newsletter: MG Pat Surr and the Teaching Kit Program, MGF Education Committee, Magnuson Children’s Garden, West Seattle Clinic, Update on the Clinic Project, Bard Member Alison Johnson, MG Recognition Dinner
  • October 2015 MGF e-Newsletter: Ask-a-Master Gardener e-Clinic, MG State Conference, Tribal Life Trail Garden, 2015 A’Key Grant Awardee, Board Member Kelly Angell
  • September 2015 MGF e-Newsletter: MG Elaine Sherbrooke and the Diagnostics Lab, Carkeek Gardens Become a MG Demo Garden, Lake City Clinic, MG Rain Garden Program, Board Member Stephenie Kramer
  • August 2015 MGF e-Newsletter: MG Pat Roome and the MG Foundation of King County, Eldergrow, Burien Clinic, Soos Creek Growing Groceries Demo Garden
  • July 2015 MGF e-Newsletter: Welcome to The Connection, MG Horst Momber, MGFKC Facebook Page, History of the MG Program in King County

¡¡Heads Up!! Back Issues


  • Heads UP September-October 2020 V6 No 5: Ready, Set, Harvest; Fall Turf Care; The Birdie Did It; Another Trouble-Making Sawfly; Fall for Fall Planting; Raspberries; Weather Station, Nerd’s Corner (Daphne bholua) and Twigga Mortis
  • Heads UP July-August 2020 V6 No4: Greetings to Our Dearly Missed MG Friends; The bugs of Summer; Houseplants: Today’s Original Container Gardens; Kaolin Clay-A Biological Barrier; Anthracnose: Not Just for Dogwoods; Managing Ivy: The Juveniles vs Adult Way; How to Use a Tree Watering Bag-Properly; Twisted Lilies; Weather Station, Nerd’s Corner and Twigga Mortis
  • Heads UP June 2020 V6 No3: How much fertilizer/mulch; Nutrient Deficiencies-an image map; Raised-bed Veggie Gardening; Bug Watch; Verticillium Wilt — again; Weather Station, Nerd’s Corner; Hogweed vs Parsnip?
  • Heads UP April-May 2020 V6 No2: Hello from a social distance; Flex Your Master Gardener Mental Muscles – a pictorial challenge; Weather Station, Nerd’s Corner, Twigga Mortis and a Giant Hornet Alert
  • Heads UP March 2020 V6 No1: Welcome from Heads UP!; Don’t Plant that Tomato Yet!; The Word from Captain Cleanup; 2019 Down to the Numbers; Asian Giant Hornet; Houdini Fly; Weather Station, Nerd’s Corner and Twigga Mortis


  • Heads UP September-October 2019 V5 No5: Bugs of Summer, Ahh, Fall, The Lazy Gardener, Digging in the Data, Winter Garden Planning, Webs in Trees, Spiders, Lawn Fertilizing, The Scoop on Poop, Weather Station, Nerd’s Corner, Twigga Mortis
  • Heads UP July-August 2019 V5 No4: Rusts: A Final Installment, European Chafer, Digging in the Data, It Might Be Mites, Summer Pruning, Bronze Birch Borer, Rose Stem Girdler, Earwigs, Pine False Webworm, That Wormy Thing, Weather Station, Nerd’s Corner, Twigga Mortis
  • Heads UP June 2019 V5 No3: Stealth, Thy Name is Rabbit, Think Brown Rot, Digging in the Data, Rusts & Their Double Lives, Warm Season Crops, Red Lily Leaf Beetle, Weather Station, Nerd’s Corner, Twigga Mortis
  • Heads UP April-May 2019 V5 No2: Clean Up and Have Patience; Viburnum Leaf Beetle; Digging in the Data; Why Do We Water in Rainy Seattle?; Pacific Coast Pear Rust; Weather Station; Twigga Mortis
  • Heads UP March 2019 V5 No1: And We’re Back!; Ooh, It’s an Oomycete!; Warm Season Vegetables and Cold March Temps; Bunnies, Bucks, and Slime; 2018 Lab Stats, Twigga Mortis, and (new) Weather Station


  • Heads UP September-October 2018 V4 No6: Seasonal Changes, Smoke in Your Stomates, Powdery Mildew, Lace Bugs Times Two, Greatness from Manure, Label Challenges with Roundup, Twigga Mortis, Digging Data
  • Heads UP August 2018 V4 No5: Prunus-Stone Fruit, Water Old Trees, Boxwood Blight, Apples: Maggots, Moths & Scab, Verticillium Wilt, Mites, Twigga Mortis, Digging Data
  • Heads UP July 2018 V4 No4: Cane Borers, Cutworms, Mychorrhizae, Tomato Curly Top, Digging Data, Himalayan Blackberry, Twigga Mortis
  • Heads UP June 2018 V4 No3: Stink Bugs, Rusts: Orange is the New Black, Digging Data, Lily Leaf Beetles, Tracking a Pest, Twigga Mortis
  • Heads UP Apr-May 2018 V4 No2: Aphid Hordes, Soil Tests, Lace Bugs, Digging Data, Daylily Gall Midge, Brown Rot, Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Twigga Mortis
  • Heads UP March 2018 V4 No1: Welcome Back!, New Plant Problem Form, Gardens Awake, To Mulch or Not to Mulch, 2017 Lab Stats, Patience in Garden Cleanup, Organic Matter Matters, Twigga Mortis


  • Heads UP Sept-Oct 2017 V3 No6: Keep Your Fingers Crossed, Early Leaf Drop, Digging Data, Dahlias, Captain Cleanup, Powdery Mildew Images, Tomato Late Blight, Blossom End Rot, Pear Trellis Rust, Lily Fasciation, Twigga Mortis: Heat Fatigue
  • Heads UP Aug 2017 V3 No5: The Beetles are Coming, Beetle Eradication, Data Digging, What’s That Wormy Thing, Tomatoes, Vegetable Fact Sheets, Twigga Mortis: Burlap
  • Heads UP July 2017 V3 No4: Anthracnos — Beyond Dogwoods, Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, Data Digging for Plant Problems, Can Fruit-Rose Girdler, Rhododendron Plagues, Web Sources Not to Ignore, Twigga Mortis: Squirrel
  • Heads UP June 2017 V3 No3: Why is My Arborvitae Dying?, Spotted Wing Drosophila Fly, Data Digging for Plant Problems, Web Sources Not to Ignore, Leaf Blight
  • Heads UP Apr-May 2017 V3 No2: Spring is Here!, Slug Prevention, Data Digging for Plant Problems, Web Sources Not to Ignore, Matching Images to the Problem
  • Heads UP March 2017 V3 No1: Your Role with the Diagnostics Lab, Bugs around in 2016, Fungus among Us, Cultural problems in 2016


  • Heads Up Sep-Oct 2016 V2 No6: About Bats, Grow the Perfect Rhododendron, Colors of Autumn, Nematodes, Problems in the Garden in Fall
  • Heads Up Aug 2016 V2 No5: White Rust, Behold the Leaf, Verticillium Wilt, Watering as an Art Form, the Parasitoid Wasp and The Art of War, Problems in the Garden in August
  • Heads Up July 2016 V2 No4: Leafminers, Managing Weeds, Woolly Apple Aphids, Bird Netting or Not, Dogwood Anthracnose, Problems in the Garden in July, Viruses and Bacteria, Glysophate – Yes, No, Maybe, Drought and Conifer Mortality
  • Heads Up June 2016 V2 No3: Armillaria Root Disease, Apply Maggot, Scab, Boxwood Problems, Black Spot on Roses, Problems in the Garden in June
  • Heads Up Apr-May 2016 V2 No2: Lace Bug, Brown Rot, Raspberries, Weeds and Soils, Got Slugs?, Problems in the Garden in May
  • Heads Up Mar 2016 V2 No1: From Our Database: Running the Numbers and Key Findings


  • Heads Up Sep-Oct 2015 V1 No5: Drought – Lamentation and Hope in 2015, Leafhoppers, Problems in the Garden in September and October, Preparing for Fall, Water
  • Heads Up Aug 2015 V1 No4: Problems in the Garden in August, Crocosmia, Dahlia Fungal Root Rot, Hydrangea Leaf Scorch, Mountain Ash and Sawfly, Hazel and Eastern Filbert Blight, Grapes and Brown Marmorated Stink Bug or Erineum Mite, Cedar Flagging, Cankers, Conks and Galls
  • Heads Up July 2015 V1 No3: Prunus and Maple Problems in July, Dog Vomit Fungus, Cultural Tomato Problems, Dogwoods and Anthracnose, Apple Scab, Pear Rusts
  • Heads Up June 2015 V1 No2: Problems in the Garden in June include brown rot, shothole and tent caterpillars on Prunus; verticillium wilt, anthracnose and eriophyid mites on maples; leaf gall, powdery mildew and lace bugs on rhodies; scab and aphids on Malus; anthracnose on dogwood; and rusts on Pyrus
  • Heads Up May 2015 V1 No1: Welcome, Problems in the Garden in April, Key Plants and their Problems in May

The Dirt Back Issues

The Dirt was a PDF newsletter sent to active Master Gardeners. In it you would find a message from the President, information about upcoming Foundation and program events, changes that affect Master Gardeners active in the program, continuing education opportunities, books of interest, and other items of interest to MGF members.

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