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MGs continue education for lifeWhat is continuing education?

Classes that will improve a volunteer’s knowledge and skill base for performing work as a horticulture adviser and serving as a resource on issues of sustainable gardening for home gardeners. MGs are trained to carry out the mission of WSU Extension and its community horticulture programs, and their purpose is to educate. 

Education that counts as continuing education includes classes, seminars, lectures offered by accredited institutions/horticulture organizations including webinars and online workshops. Here is the list of current approved online continuing education for Master Gardeners:

VIDEOS. Watch an online webinar relevant to Pacific Northwest home gardening.

The hotlinks listed below will take you to a selection of webinars that are relevant and will qualify as CE. As you watch the webinar, reflect on how the topic presented relates to the questions we get from clients and how the information will influence your answers.

Plant Pathology & Plant Problem Diagnosis Presenter: Rachel Bomberger, WSU Department of Plant Pathology [Part of the 2020 WSU Extension King County Master Gardener Training Series]

Oregon State University and the Cooperative Extension System offer a number of webinars, and some are relevant to home gardening and some are relevant to the Pacific Northwest. The webinars listed below are offered on demand and without charge. Additional recordings are available by using the Advanced Search on the eXtension website,

2018 All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar Series: Bees, Wasps, and Hornets, Oh my!:

2017 Organic Pesticides for Home Gardens:

2018 ‘First Look’: OSU Research on Native Plants in the PNW Garden:

2018 The latest research on bees in the garden: Results from the Oregon State University Garden Ecology Lab:

2017 Never doubt how a small, thoughtful and committed pollinator habitat (in your garden) can change the world:

2018 Frontiers in Slug & Snail Management

2018 Identifying & Managing the Bronze Birch Borer (recording, resources):

2018 Hybridization and Tetraploids and Chromosomes, Oh My! Understanding Plant Breeding for Disease Resistance:

2018 Powdery Mildew: Biology and Management in the Garden:

2018 Dealing with Darling Dastardly Deer:

2018 Practical Food Safety in the Garden:

2018 Meet the New Neighbors: Emerging Insect Pests in Oregon

Updated August 2020

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