Review & Improve 9

WHAT Review plant clinic activity at least once a year to identify opportunities to identify changes that would improve clinic operations.


HOW Use the Clinic Evaluation Form to determine effectiveness of clinic location and decide to improve, move or close as needed.

Use the Clinic Activity Reports (CARs) and client logs to review scheduling processes and improve effectiveness and efficiency in clinic procedures.

Identify opportunities to strengthen leadership and retain clinic members and attract clients.

Identify improvements that make it easier for clinicians to conduct operations and answer client questions.


BEST PRACTICES Identify other Best Practices to use that are not currently in use or available.


LINKS Clinic Evaluation Form – to be developed and approved by 2020 kickoff Clinic Leaders meeting


Note: For member recognition, clinics are allotted funds in the annual based on clinic size. Contact the Program Office regarding your clinics funding.


Updated April 2019

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