Resources & References 5

WHAT Stock only current required and recommended plant clinic reference materials.

Maintain and organize sufficient materials to effectively and efficiently respond to client questions and provide information.

Provide storage for required resource materials.


HOW Obtain and store a sufficient quantity of resources and handouts based on the clinic activity. Contact Program Office to order additional inventory.

Select from 2019 Approved Clinic References.

Refer to WSU Approved References for Pest Management Recommendation.


BEST PRACTICES Say – Show — Share


LINKS 2020 Approved Clinic Reference Guide

WSU Approved References for Pest Management Recommendation

Links to funding forms

Link to March 2019 “Say-Show-Share” newsletter article


Note: Clinics are allotted $100 a season for supplies (see Step 9 for recognition funds). Simply buy any approved item(s) listed in the inventory and seek reimbursement using the form and procedure at the link above.  For expenditures above $100, prior approval is required.  Use the Request for Funds Form link for the form and process to do so.


Updated February 2020

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