Operations 8

WHAT Manage individual clinic operations per plan and schedule


HOW Create individual clinic plan, i.e. set up, assignments, and schedule


BEST PRACTICES Say-show-share


LINKS Link to March 2019 “Say-Show-Share” newsletter article

Link to CAR topic area marking example


Marking client contacts on the CAR

A contact is recorded when we give plant advice or Master Gardener Program information to a client.

Mark the contact in the demographic section of the CAR that seems the best match.

  • A client asking more than one question as a part of a single exchange is to be marked only once in the demographic section of the CAR.
  • A client leaving the table and returning later should be counted as a new client.

A client contact is NOT recorded when guests come to our booth and polite talk is exchanged.  For example, a child asking for a sticker or a person commenting about how pretty a plant at the table is would not count as a client contact.  A question as to what type of plant it is, where it comes from, etc., would count as a contact.

Occasionally, a couple or family visits a table as a group – with a single question.   Record a client contact for each person who actively participates in the exchange.

Things occasionally get very busy at clinic – when this happens, our first priority is to give quality Say-Show-Share answers to client questions.   As time allows, our second priority is to record demographic information, and the third priority is to record topic information at the bottom of the CAR.  The “topics” area of the CAR has had changes made effective for the 2019 season.   Your Clinic Information Coordinator will pass this information to you.


Updated April 2019

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