Clinic Orientation 6

WHAT Communicate clinic practices to all clinic volunteers, veteran Master Gardeners, interns and transfers.


HOW Describe and demonstrate infrastructure setup, information and resources organization and use, record keeping and reporting methods and tools.

Provide mentoring and/or classes for new interns and transfers.


BEST PRACTICES Use the most current reporting tools.

Provide accurate and complete data.

Observe and repeat instructions as needed.


LINKS None at this time



The type of information below must be given to interns and transfers to your clinic.  It is suggested it be reviewed, on an annual basis, with members returning to your clinic.  This information may be given in group settings, by one-on-one mentors, or any other means that suits your group.

  1. Demonstrate how to find, set up, properly use, take down and store the Program’s branded MG clinic infrastructure items (canopy, banners, table materials, etc.) needed to operate your clinic. A good practice is to document with photos and descriptions of mandatory and optional items to aid in ensuring there is a reminder, as needed.
  2. Describe the types of things clinicians can bring to clinic to attract clients to the clinic. Show stored items the clinic has for this purpose, such as placards, banners and/or exhibits.
  3. Demonstrate how current information resources and handouts are set up, used, packed up and stored to allow your clinicians to effectively/efficiently handle client questions. Include resources and processes that are used to send samples to the Diagnostics Lab.
  4. Discuss how handouts are ordered and replaced as they run low.
  5. Discuss how the Clinic Activity Report (CAR) and any other client /activity tracking forms are found, stored, marked, totaled and submitted to the Clinic Leaders and/or the Program Office.
  6. Show how members are assigned or self-schedule for their shifts at clinic. Include how last-minute changes are handled.


Updated April 2019

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