Trouble Signing In

If you have trouble signing into the Member Area, and the response is that the system does not recognize either your username or your password, this may help.

If the problem is your username.

Remember that your email address is not your username (usually). When your account was activated, the system assigned you a username. Look through your emails to see if you can locate the username sent from ‘Master Gardener Foundation’ If you cannot find this email, send an email to for help.

Do not choose to reset your password if you know the username is correct.

If you cannot remember your password.Trouble Signing In

Select the ‘Lost your password?’ link below the Log In box. A new password will be sent to the email address listed in your account profile. See the steps below to change your password or email.

To update your password or email.

Here are some steps to follow to update your password.

        1. Go to:
        2. Enter your username.
        3. Enter your password (remember this is case sensitive).
        4. Under your name at the top right side of the screen, select ‘Edit my profile’ in the dropdown menu.
        5. The page opens to your Profile page. Scroll down to change your password or email.
        6. Select the ‘Update Profile’ label at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

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