Outstanding Master Gardeners

The WSU Master Gardener program in King County celebrates our county Master Gardener volunteers with special attention at its annual Recognition Event. These outstanding Master Gardeners are nominated by their peers. Nominees have made exceptional efforts to support the Master Gardener program through their leadership and participation in program activities and projects. This recognition acknowledges their degree of involvement, their ability to inspire the people they work with, and the impact they have through their active volunteerism that furthers the mission of the Master Gardener program.

Each year the Master Gardener Foundation of Washington State (MGFWS) recognizes Master Gardener s for each of three distinct awards presented at the annual state conference. Criteria for these nominations, including application and photograph, are provided at MGFWS Awards and the deadline for receipt of the nomination is usually June 1 of the year awarded. Nominations may be submitted for outstanding Master Gardeners for any of three awards: the Master Gardener of the Year award, the Ed LaCrosse Distinguished Service Award, and the Media Award. See the criteria for this year’s nomination deadline.

King County Master Gardener Recognition Celebration

The WSU Extension Master Gardener Program appreciates all the amazing Master Gardener volunteers and what they do to make the MG program a success in King County. Master Gardeners share their time and talents in community clinics, gardens, service projects and more. Together they log thousands of volunteer hours each year.

It is time to recognize our outstanding King County Master Gardeners, both veterans and interns. The 2020 Recognition Celebration will take place on October 24 this year. Plan to attend online, and watch this space for how to attend online.

This is your opportunity to nominate a fellow Master Gardener.

  • Here are the 2020 Outstanding Master Gardener Guidelines for you to review. Read the instructions closely to be sure that your nominee is eligible for this honor. [PDF]
  • Here is the nomination form: 2020 Outstanding Master Gardener Form [MS Word doc]
  • The deadline for nominations is October 1, 2020. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss this chance.
  • Then join us in celebrating our very special Master Gardeners this year on October 24.

2019 Outstanding Master Gardeners

The Presidents Award: Interim Program Coordinators: Carrie Hill and Penny Kriese
The Foundation Award: 2019 Plant Sales Leaders from the CUH Spring Sale, Bellevue Demo Garden Spring Sale, Bellevue Botanical Garden Fall Sale, Cesar Chavez Demo Garden and Soos Creek Demo Garden
Nominated Outstanding Master Gardeners: Maria Corrales-Askov, Mary Fry, Roxann Harr, Sandra Solack, Susan Dodd, Jane Stockert, Members of the Mercer Island Clinic (Karin Miller, Gordon Polson, Lucy Sullivan, Molly Van Der Burch and Beverly Vanhartesvelt), Amy Lee and Doreen Gillespie
Special Recognition Awards: 2019 Intern Training Mentors
Read more about the 2019 honorees and their awards. Event handout.

2018 President's Award to Growing Groceries Team: Linda Shepherd, Leader, Darien Payne, Sharon O'Grady and Gia Parsons. Not pictured Carrie Hill, Sue Kraemer, Penny Kriese, Gary Scheider and Elaine Anderson

Growing Groceries Team: Linda Shepherd, Leader, Darien Payne, Sharon O’Grady and Gia Parsons. Not pictured Carrie Hill, Sue Kraemer, Penny Kriese, Gary Scheider and Elaine Anderson

2018 Outstanding Master Gardeners

The Presidents Award: The Growing Groceries Team: Linda Shepherd, Leader, Carrie Hill, Sue Kraemer, Penny Kriese, Sharon O’Grady, Gia Parsons, Darien Payne, Gary Scheider and Elaine Anderson
The Foundation Award: The Garden Gala Team: Bonny Nordgren, Gale Baullinger, Emilie Castle, Vickie Clayton, Marcia Dillon, Traci Hanna, Ellon Jarvis, Suzi O’Byrne, Donna Thomas, Marg Walker
Nominated Outstanding Master Gardeners:
Jeff Daley & Daryl Schlesser, Burien
Peggy Farrell, Bellevue Demo Garden
Alison Johnson, Redmond Farmers Market
Eric Sladky, Magnuson Children’s Garden
Heads UP! Editorial Team, Diagnostics Lab

Special Recognition Awards:
BDG Recognition Awards: Lory Armitage, Bruce Caredio, Vickie Clayton and Colleen Donahue

2018 Foundation Award: Preview Party Team

Preview Party Team: Bonny Nordgren, Marcia Dillon, Emilie Castle, Marg Walker (not pictured: Gale Baullinger, Vicki Clayton, Traci Hanna, Ellon Jarvis, Suzi O’Byrne and Donna Thomas)

2018 Work ‘n Learn Leaders & Teams:
BDG Team: Bruce Caredio, Leader
CCDG Team: Sue Williams, Leader
Neely Mansion DG Team: Carol Grimes, Leader
Soos Creek DG: Nancy Purcell, Leader
Thyme Patch Park DG: Penny Kriese, Leader
Tribal Life Wilderness Trail DG: Ankie Stroes, Leader
Bothell Children’s Garden: Sharon Grady, Leader; Alison Johnson, Co-Lead
Shorewood High School Culinary Arts Garden: Bonnie Chester, Leader

2018 Work 'n Learn Team Leads: (L to R front row) Bruce Caredio, Ankie Stroes, Ellie Hollenbeck, Sue Williams, Bonnie Chester, Pat Surr, Stephanie Young, Sharon O’Grady, Kasia Kurek-Moore; (back row) Barbara Picat, Dahmane Thami, Penny Kriese, Alison Johnson, Jean Rogers, Beth Robinson. Not pictured: Wendy Fawcett, Tiffany Stilwater, Mick Duggan, Rose Tobin, Carol Grimes, Diane Johnson, Linda Peterson, Sharon Englund, Don Homer, Nancy Purcell, Marina Salcedo, Elizabeth Geppert, Bree Kauzlarich, Janet Hughes, Paul and Robin Welch, Ken Takemura, Helen Pelton, Charlotte Stuyvenberg, Sandra Booren, Ruth and Rick O’Brien, Lee Keim, Judy Broom 2018 Outstanding KCMG Alison Johnson. Not pictured Jeff Daley, Daryl Schlesser, Peggy Farrell, Erick Sladkey, Heads UP! Editorial Staff BDG Special Recognees Lori Armitage, Bruce Caredio, Colleen Donahue, Vicki Clayton (not pictured)

Pictured left to right: Work ‘n Learn Team Leads, Outstanding KCMG Alison Johnson,
BDG Special Recognees Lori Armitage, Bruce Caredio, Colleen Donahue, Vicki Clayton (not pictured)

2017 Master Gardener Honorees

2017 Outstanding Master Gardeners: Front row, left to right: Maggie Greenslit, Linda Shepherd, Lisa Marahrens, Suzanne Abbott, Eileen Baker, Carrie Hill; Second row, left to right: John Skidmore, Lynne Skidmore, Marilyn Holm, Kathy Lange, and Mick Duggan. Not pictured: Tom Church, Anne Ellett, Wendy Fawcett, Dori Wright, Audrey Davis and Fred Wemer.

2017 Outstanding Master Gardeners

The Presidents Award: South Sound Education Group of Tom Church, Maggie Greenslit, Marilyn Holm, Lisa Marahrens, John Skidmore, and Lynne Skidmore for the 2016 and 2017 Renton CE Events
The Foundation Award: Carrie Hill, West Seattle Farmers Market Clinic Leader, and Foundation President-Elect for the Clinic Resource Kit project, KCMG Sharing Success presentation at Yakima and leadership as a Foundation Director
Nominated Outstanding Master Gardeners:
Suzanne Abbott – Burien Clinic Clinic Information Coordinator
Anne Ellett – Renton Fairwood Library and Renton Farmers Market Clinic Lead, past President of the Foundation
Wendy Fawcett – Bellevue Demo Garden and CUH Plant Sales Perennials Department Head
Dori Wright – Ballard Fred Meyer Clinic, MG since 1992
Mick Duggan, Carrie Hill and Fred Wemer – Presidential Volunteer Service Awards
Eileen Baker, Audrey Davis and Kathy Lange – 40 Year Pins
Read more about the 2017 honorees and their awards. Event handout.

2016 Outstanding Master Gardeners

2016 Master Gardener honorees

2016 Master Gardener honorees (left to right): Tom Church, Traci Hanna, Horst Momber and Gordon Polson. Not pictured: Marcia Dillon, Linda Heaney, Carrie Hill, James Little, Debi Quirk, Jean Wang

The Foundation Award: Horst Momber for his 7-year leadership of the annual Master Gardener Plant Sale
Tom Church – South Sound Education Committee, Federal Way & Auburn Farmers Market Clinics
Marcia Dillon and Traci Hanna – Bellevue Demo Garden plant sales organizers
Linda Heaney – CUH Clinic continuing education coordinator
Carrie Hill – West Seattle Farmers Market and McClendon’s Clinics
James Little – University District Farmers Market Clinic
Debi Quirk – Magnuson Children’s Garden and Nature Programs
Jean Wang – Bellevue Demo Garden
Read more about the 2016 honorees and their awards.

2015 Outstanding Master Gardeners

2015 MG Recognition Honorees

From left to right: Suzanne Broback, Gary Scheider, Frank Peters, Drexie Malone and Cathy Ullakko. Not pictured: Wally Presbo, Joyce Harms, Judy Porterfield and Steve Scott.

Suzanne Broback – Plant Sale Veggie and Herb Section Committee
Drexie Malone – Carkeek Park Demonstration Garden
Frank Peters – Ballard Fred Meyer Clinic and Thyme Patch Demonstration Garden
Wally Prestbo – Bellevue Demonstration Garden
Gary Scheider – Snoqualmie Valley Clinic Co-Leader
Cathy Ullakko – Bellevue Demonstration Garden and Clinic
The President’s Award: Joyce Harms, Judy Porterfield and Steve Scott for the Sherlock in the Garden project
The Foundation Award: Gary Scheider for the Clinic Refresh project
Read more about the 2015 honorees and their awards.

2014 Outstanding Master Gardeners

2014 King County Master Gardener Recognition Award Winners

From left to right in the back row: Portia Wilcock, Ann Haldeman, Mick Duggan, Susan Eby, Fred Wemer, Barbara Hainley. In the front row: Steve Walker, Barbara Orcutt, Elaine Sherbrooke. Not pictured: Joan Edwards, Kathy Lapham, Horst Momber, Ralene Walls.

Mick Duggan – Cesar Chavez Demonstration Garden
Susan Eby – Ronald McDonald House Outreach Garden and the CUH clinic
Joan Edwards – Cesar Chavez Demonstration Garden
Barbara Hainley – Magnuson Children’s Garden
Ann Haldeman – Creator of first MG Training Manual, Diagnostician , Redmond, Kirkland and Ballard Clinics (40 year pin)
Kathy Lapham – Plant Sale Perennials Chair
Horst Momber – Annual Plant Sale Chair for many years
Barbara Orcutt – CUH Clinic Scheduler
Elaine Sherbrooke – Diagnostic Lab Leader
Steve Walker – Developer and Leader of Bellevue Demonstration Garden and Clinic
Ralene Walls – Ronald McDonald House Outreach Garden creator
Fred Wemer – Garden Operations Lead at Bellevue Demonstration Garden
Portia Wilcock – Plant Sale Potting Party Coordinator, Perennials Department Co-Chair

2013 Outstanding Master Gardeners

Marcia Dillon – Bellevue Demonstration Garden
Maggie Greenslit – Auburn Farmers Market Clinic
Carol Grimes – Neely Mansion Advisor
Joyce Harms – Federal Way Farmers Market Clinic
Linda Heaney – CUH Clinic
Jim Little – Ronald McDonald House Outreach Garden
Jan Mote – Master Gardener Email Clinic
Joy Naganuma – Magnuson Children’s Garden
Carolina Wagemans – Master Gardener Email Clinic

2012 Outstanding Master Gardeners

Adriene Harris
Penny Kriese
Julie MacGillis
C.J. Nielsen
Gordon Polson
Barb Ragee

2011 Outstanding Master Gardeners

Jeff Bidwell
Rhonda Bjornstad
Dave Kingery
Nancy Lewis-Williams
Susan Miller
Virginia Rayner
Jerry Twitty
Marg Walker
King County Master Gardener Diagnosticians for 35 years of service

2010 Washington State Master Gardener of the Year from King County

2010 MG of the Year. Ed LaCrosse was named Washington State Master Gardener of the Year in 2010. Ed was lead for the Neely-Soames Homestead Heritage Demonstration Garden in Kent and a Master Gardener since 1992, known for his knowledge of native plants and willingness to educate and bring together community volunteers.

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