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Sep 12 2021 Cool Plants Hot Tips Plant Sale
Thank you to all who participated in the September 12 Fall Plant Sale. Despite the Seattle mist start, the throngs of excited gardeners descended on Bellevue Botanical Garden early on Sunday. Ciscoe Morris, Nita-Jo Rountree and Christina Pfeiffer joined the talented guides from the Bellevue Botanical Garden Partners to generously donate their time to help the Master Gardener Foundation of King County in this annual fall fundraiser.

2021 Ciscoe Morris and Nita-Jo Rountree

Ciscoe and Nita-Jo

We hope you had a chance to buy some fall plants from our local specialty garden vendors and take in a guided talk or enjoy the speakers. You can find the list of the plant vendors on our web page, and we appreciate your continuing support of these businesses through your patronage during the year.

The 500 plus King County Master Gardeners require a strong support system, and the Foundation finances their demonstration gardens, plant clinics and classes. You can find answers to your gardening questions year-round via email at Ask a MasterGardener.

Thank you again for supporting the Master Gardener Program with your generous donations and participation in our events. You may still donate on the Foundation website at year-round. We look forward to seeing you next year.


MGFKC Newsletter

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MGFKC Newsletter – The Foundation Connection
Read all about what’s of interest in the September 2021 issue!

  • Cool Plants & Hot Tips by MG Cristina Cartledge
  • Pest attack-order changes plant defenses by Sara Zaske, WSU News
  • New Master Gardener Class for 2020
  • Volunteers Needed for Education Strategic Planning
  • COVID Policy Update for Master Gardeners in King County
  • Where in the World Wide Web can you find us?
  • Did you know? Critical Issues
  • Miller Library Selection: Buzz: the nature and necessity of bees
  • Continuing Education Opportunities: BDG Workshops and more
  • Coming Event: It’s a Party! Celebrate Mick Duggan!


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Heads UP!

2021 Fall Heads Up! Diagnostics Lab Newsletter

Newsletter of the Master Gardener King County Diagnostic Lab


Read in the Fall 2021 issue:

  • End of Season Contemplations
  • Record Breaking Weather
  • Attack of Bay Laurel Psyllids
  • Sunburns, Scorches and Scalds
  • Consider Cover Crops
  • Iris-A Rainbow of Rhizomes
  • The Sawfly Exceptions
  • Useful Web Resources
  • Nerd’s Corner: Scat, Cat!
  • Twigga Mortis: Sun damage
  • Frankensquash

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Propagation Notes

Dividing dahlia tubers

Photo Credit: F D Richards



Spring is a good time to divide established plants, and many herbaceous perennials need to be divided every few years anyway to stay healthy.

Plan to dig on a cool morning, preferably one with cloud cover – not too hard around here.  Learn about:

  • Dividing Fibrous-rooted Plants
  • Dividing Fleshy or Woody Crowned Plants
  • Dividing Suckers from Plants
  • Dividing Plants with Rhizomes
  • Dividing Plant with Tubers
  • Dividing Plants with Offset

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