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Read all about what’s of interest in the October 2021 issue!

  • Cool Plants & Hot Tips, Long Pants, Parsnips! Plant Sale Success
  • Insect Culprits: The Beasties of Halloween by MG Bruce Bennett
  • Finn Hill Demonstration Garden Update: Garden Tour Treat
  • Announcements: Growing Groceries 2022
  • Volunteers Needed for Education Strategic Planning
  • Contribute Content to our Master Gardener Facebook Page
  • Save the Date: Master Gardener Recognition Event
  • New Master Gardener Class Planned for 2022!
  • Watch for the Annual Re-application Start
  • Master Gardeners: Questions About GivePulse? Accounts, entering hours, …
  • Where in the World Wide Web can you find us?
  • Miller Library Selection: The Informed Gardener Blooms Again
  • Continuing Education Opportunities: BDG Workshops and more
  • COVID Update for all Master Gardeners: Vaccination  Verification Steps–Act Now! to avoid being inactive after October 18


This newsletter is sent monthly to King County Master Gardeners. Look for it in your email. Miss a past issue? Find it here.

Heads UP!

2021 Fall Heads Up! Diagnostics Lab Newsletter

Newsletter of the Master Gardener King County Diagnostic Lab


Read in the Fall 2021 issue:

  • End of Season Contemplations
  • Record Breaking Weather
  • Attack of Bay Laurel Psyllids
  • Sunburns, Scorches and Scalds
  • Consider Cover Crops
  • Iris-A Rainbow of Rhizomes
  • The Sawfly Exceptions
  • Useful Web Resources
  • Nerd’s Corner: Scat, Cat!
  • Twigga Mortis: Sun damage
  • Frankensquash

This newsletter is sent to Master Gardeners in King County during the active garden months from March to October. Look for the current issue in your email.

Miss a past issue? Find it here.

Seeds for Thought

MGFWS Seeds for Thought

August 2021 Newsletter from the Master Gardener Foundation of Washington State

Read in this issue:

  • From the President by Don Enstrom, MGFWS President
  • WSU MG Program Update: Priority Icons by Jennifer Marquis, Statewide Program Leader
  • Pierce County Young Gardeners by MG Emeritus Diane Frey, Pierce County
  • Click Beetles Beware by MG Mark Amara, Grant-Adams
  • 2021 MG Advanced Ed Conference Update by MG C-J Nielsen, Conference Chair

Back issues available on the State Foundation website:

Cedar Flagging

Cedar flagging is a natural process that is often confused with a disease.  Evergreen plants, including conifers and broad leaf types, naturally shed some old foliage each year. Stress factors, such as insufficient water, hot winds, construction damage or other root disturbance, poor planting procedures, or recent planting can promote flagging.  It is being seen more often this year because it is more common when there is hot weather followed by cold weather.

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