Heads UP!

2020 June Heads Up! Diagnostics Lab Newsletter

Newsletter of the Master Gardener King County Diagnostic Lab


Read in the June 2020 issue:

  • Should I fertilize? Should I mulch?
  • Nutrient Deficiencies in Plants – A quick visual study guide
  • Raised-bed Vegetable Gardening
  • Weather Station: do we have a temperature?
  • Nerd’s Corner: Broad-Leaved Evergreens
  • Verticillium Wilt – once more with feeling
  • Twigga Mortis: Weevils, cutworms and slugs
  • Weeds: Giant Hogweed vs Cow Parsnip

This newsletter is sent monthly to King County Master Gardeners during the active garden months from March to October. Look for the current issue in your email.

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MGFKC Newsletter

2020 June MGFKC eNewsletter
MGFKC Newsletter – The Foundation Connection
Read all about what’s of interest in the June 2020 issue!

  • Read the Program Coordinator’s Call to Action
  • News from the Foundation: 2020-2021 Board by Jim Olson, Board President
  • Alison Johnson’s Shares Thoughts on her Time on the Board
  • MG Spring Plant Sales: Necessity is the Mother of Invention by MG Gary Scheider
  • Plant Sources: Perennial Potters by MG Cleo Raulerson
  • A’Key Grant Applications: July 1 Deadline by MG Bob Connor, A’Key Grant Committee
  • WSU Extension Foresty Program: Free Webinars by Mary Watts, Extension Coordinator, King County
  • Hort Book Selection: The Tree Book by MG Bruce Williams
  • News Shoots: Ask a MG Online Clinics are LIVE!
  • MG Volunteer Opportunities
  • CE Opportunities
  • What’s Happening News & Updates


This newsletter is sent monthly to King County Master Gardeners. Look for it in your email. Miss a past issue? Find it here.

Message to Our Master Gardeners

From: Mary Watts, WSU Extension Master Gardener Program Coordinator
Subject: A Call to Action
New! Date: May 29, 2020

This is a long email, I know. Please take the time to read it completely… Some of you may be thinking there isn’t a lot to do within the program during the pandemic, but I assure you that is not the case. Many things have been moved online and there are ample ways to participate from the safety and comfort of your home.

I would like everyone to do the first item on the list and then select one or more other items that you feel you would be suited for.

  • Confirm MG Directory Phone #’s
  • Clinics: Email Clinic, Virtual Online Clinic
  • Growing Groceries
  • Homegrown, an Educational Series for Today’s Gardener
  • Education Team
  • Garden Leadership Team
  • Plant Sales Committee
  • 2021 Intern Training Team

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Master Gardeners who have stepped into leadership roles and participated in the program at a higher level than the minimum requirements. This program would not exist without you.

My hope is that more will join these ranks so we can continue to be a world class program supporting the needs of our communities and having fun, rewarding experiences in the process. Please join the party!

Read this message and all the Program Coordinator’s messages on the Member Area page of this website (log in required).

Seeds for Thought

MGFWS Seeds for Thought

February Newsletter from the Master Gardener Foundation of Washington State

Read in this issue:

  • From the President by Don Enstrom, MGFWS President
  • WSU MG Program Update by Jennifer Marquis, Statewide Program Leader
  • Master Gardener of the Year, MaryJo Christensen, Lewis County
  • Media Award, Dana Courtright, Pierce County, Susan Mulvihill, Spokane County
  • Leaving Leaves by MG Mark Amara
  • OSU MG Origins – by MG Don Enstrom
  • 2020 MG Advanced Ed Conference

Back issues available on the State Foundation website: http://mgfws.org/

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