Meet Our Board Members


  • President: Carrie Hill
  • President-Elect: Open
  • Past President: Penny Kriese
  • Secretary: Open
  • Treasurer: Peggy Smith

Board Members:

  • Valentina Barei
  • Bob Connor
  • Andrea Gleichweith
  • Carrie Hill
  • Alison Johnson
  • Penny Kriese
  • Amy Lee
  • Jim Olson
  • Gordon Polson
  • Gary Scheider
  • Peggy Smith

Meetings of the Board of Directors are regularly scheduled for the second Thursday of the month. The details are published under Events.

Committee Chairs:

Standing Committees:

  • Audit: Steve Layman
  • Clinics: Gary Scheider
  • Communications: Open
  • Development: Open
  • Education: Co-Leader Gordon Polson
  • Gardens: Amy Lee
  • Investment: Peggy Smith
  • Membership: Open
  • Plant Sale: Gary Scheider

Special Committees:

  • A’Key Grant: Bob Connor
  • Governance: OPEN
  • Raffle: Bob Connor

NOTE: A Standing Committee is a committee appointed by the Board for an indefinite time. A Special Committee is a committee that shall have a specified time to complete a task. [By-Laws, Art. VI, Sect 1]

Foundation members do not have to be a member of the Board to serve on Committees. See what committees are looking for your experience and expertise to help meet their goals as a volunteer.

Board member serve as liaisons to the Master Gardener clinics and gardens in King County.

Updated 15 November 2018

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