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2018 February MGFKC eNewsletter - hellebores

MGFKC Newsletter – The Foundation Connection

Read all about what’s of interest in the February 2018 issue!

  • MG Spring Plant Sale-Changing Perennials by MG Cleo RAulerson
  • Growing Peppers Trial Results by MG Terry Thorpe
  • Pocket Orchards by MG Barbara Hainley
  • Advanced CE: Here Comes Spring by MGs Gordon Polson & Alison Johnson
  • President’s Letter by MG Penny Kriese
  • MGF 2017 Financial Results
  • Miller Library: High-Yield Vegetable Gardening
  • What’s Happening News & Updates


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Heads UP!

Heads UP KCMG Diagnostics Lab newsletter

Newsletter of the Master Gardener King County Diagnostic Lab

Read in the September-October issue:

  • Keep Your Fingers Crossed: Tomato Late Blight
  • Early Leaf Drop
  • Digging in the Data
  • Dahlias
  • Captain Cleanup
  • Blossom End Rot,Lily Fasciation
  • Pear Trellis Rust
  • Powdery Mildew Images
  • Twigga Mortis? Heat Fatigue

This newsletter is sent monthly to King County Master Gardeners during the active garden months from March to October. Look for the current issue in your email.

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Seeds for Thought

Seeds for Thought

November 2017 Newsletter from the Master Gardener Foundation of Washington State.

Read in this issue:

      • Message from Kathleen La Francis Easton, MGFWS President
      • From the Program Leader, Nicole Martini
      • MG of the Year & Nominees
      • 2017 Award Recipients
      • Catalyst Park in Shelton, WA
      • Can You Dig It? State Conference Recap
      • GardenPRO Conference at NWFGS

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Mason Bee Habitat Measurements

See additional resources at the bottom of this post.

From 3/8th inch Plywood – “Cut and Assemble

2 ea 9X8           Sides

1 ea 12X8         Back

1 ea 12X13       Top

1 ea 9X13         Bottom

This “box” will hold “six – ½ gal plastic milk cartons (just cut off the top, making a six inch plastic container)”.  This box will hold about 450 “Roll Your Own” paper Nesting Tubes, enough for about 4000, “Pollinating Bees”.  These Mason Bees pollinate your trees, March-May/June – when nothing else is out to pollinate.  They only live about 100 days, then die, but have laid their eggs for next year’s crop.

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