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2017 August MGFKC eNewsletter - blueberries

MGFKC Newsletter – The Foundation Connection

Read all about what’s of interest in the August 2017 issue!

  • Redmond Market Clinic by MGs Jim Olson & Alison Johnson
  • MG Carrie Hill: Sharing Plant Science by MG Marty Byrne
  • Foundation Plantings: President’s Letter by MGF Board President Penny Kriese
  • Westside Clinics Get Together: Strengthening Clinic Connections by MG Suzanne Abbott
  • MGF Midyear Financial Report by MGF Treasurer Peggy Smith
  • Miller Library: The Bold Dry Garden by Joanna Silver
  • News Shoots: MG Summer Picnic, 2018 MG Training Moves South
  • What’s Happening News & Updates


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Heads UP!

2017 August Heads Up! Diagnostics Lab Newsletter

Newsletter of the Master Gardener King County Diagnostic Lab

Read in the August issue:

  • The Beetles are Coming
  • Beetle Eradication
  • Digging in the Data
  • What’s That Wormy Thing?
  • Tomatoes
  • Twigga Mortis? Burlap Takes the Win

This newsletter is sent monthly to King County Master Gardeners during the active garden months from March to October. Look for the current issue in your email.

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Seeds for Thought

Seeds for Thought

August 2017 Newsletter from the Master Gardener Foundation of Washington State.

Read in this issue:

    • Message from Kathleen La Francis Easton, MGFWS President
    • Biodegradable Mulching by MG Mark Amara
    • Garden in a Box in Spokane County by MG Scott Weybright
    • Can You Dig It? 2017 Advanced Education Conference in Yakima


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Propagation Notes

Dividing dahlia tubers

Photo Credit: F D Richards



Spring is a good time to divide established plants, and many herbaceous perennials need to be divided every few years anyway to stay healthy.

Plan to dig on a cool morning, preferably one with cloud cover – not too hard around here. 

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