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2019 March Heads Up! Diagnostics Lab Newsletter

Newsletter of the Master Gardener King County Diagnostic Lab


Read in the March 2019 issue:

    • And We’re Back! Good-bye Winter. Hello spring!
    • Ooh, It’s an Oomycete!
    • Warm Season Vegetables and Cold March Temps
    • Bunnies, Bucks, and Slime
    • 2018 Down to the Numbers, Lab Stats
    • Weather Station (New Item)
    • Twigga Mortis? Slug Attack

This newsletter is sent monthly to King County Master Gardeners during the active garden months from March to October. Look for the current issue in your email.

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MGFKC Newsletter

2019 February MGFKC eNewsletter with image of bleeding hearts (Dicentra)

MGFKC Newsletter – The Foundation Connection
Read all about what’s of interest in the February 2019 issue!

  • MGs John and Lynne Skidmore: Getting the Timing Right by MGs John and Lynne Skidmore
  • King County MG Program/Foundation – Looking for Leaders
  • Extend Your Resources – New WSU Extension Publications: Preseason Reading by MGF Board President Carrie Hill
  • All-day CE – Watch for Spring at Shoreline
  • Mark Your Calendar: Volunteer for the Spring Plant Sale by MG Cleo Raulerson
  • 2018 Year-end MGFKC Financial Report by MGF Treasurer Peggy Smith
  • Miller Library: The Northwest Garden Manifesto
  • Are there any MG Volunteers for area events? Sign up or show your interest!
  • What’s Happening News & Updates


This newsletter is sent monthly to King County Master Gardeners. Look for it in your email. Miss a past issue? Find it here.

Touch Base with Your Tillandsias

TillandsiasYou don’t have to strike out with Tillandsias.  These epiphytes stand out in many shapes, sizes and psychedelic colors.  My local nursery tells me they are a big favorite of the people living in all the new developments in the area because they can grow indoors so easily.   DispIay them creatively: glue a cluster of them to a piece of wood or a single one onto a small piece of driftwood, pop one in a teacup or hang them in various houseplants.

The best location to keep them is in a room with bright, filtered light.  I had a cluster of them for many years playing hardball and refusing to bloom.  I started experimenting with putting a small one outside in the summer hanging on a nail on my east-facing front porch.  It received some early morning sun (on the days the sun came out.)  Otherwise, it just got a good dose of bright light.

Read the full article by Wendy Lagozzino as published in the December 2014 The Dirt, MGF newsletter

Seeds for Thought

Nov 2018 MGFWS Newsletter

November 2018 Newsletter from the Master Gardener Foundation of Washington State

Read in this issue:

      • Message from Kathleen La Francis Easton, MGFWS President
      • The Future of WSU Master Gardener Program by Jennifer Marquis, Interim Statewide Coordinator
      • Samurai Wasps Fight BMSB
      • 2018 Conference Photo Winners
      • Memories in Pictures from the 2018 Conference

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