2014 MG Plant Sale

2014 Plant Sale NonAdPlan for a Master Gardener kind of weekend, May 2-4!

Friday, May 2, shop ahead of the crowds at the Preview Party. Nibble and nosh creations from local chefs while Ciscoe Morris and friends bestow the coveted Golden Brussels Sprout Award. Get tickets early.

Sat. May 3 and Sun. May 4 pick from thousands of plants grown byMaster Gardeners (see the lists) and local specialty growers. Book a free garden consultation at the By Design booth or just stop by for quick tips. Lots of vendors as well, with MGs to provide personal advice about your plant picks.

Bring family and friends to find it all in one place at the King County Master Gardener Plant Sale.

MGFKC Newsletter

March 2014 NewsletterMarch 2014 Newsletter from the Master Gardener Foundation of King County

Read in this issue:

  • Message from the President
  • In Praise of Primroses by Elaine Anderson
  • Annual Seed Catalogs by Wendy Lagozzino
  • Propagation Notes by G. Polson
  • 2014 Board Member Search
  • Plant Sale Preview Party
  • 2013 Financials … and more

Propagation Notes

Dividing dahlia tubers

Photo Credit: F D Richards



Spring is a good time to divide established plants, and many herbaceous perennials need to be divided every few years anyway to stay healthy.

Plan to dig on a cool morning, preferably one with cloud cover – not too hard around here. 

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The Garden in Winter

Just when you thought you could relax and pore through all those garden catalogs that have arrived, you realize that your yard and garden still need your attention. We’ll look at those catalogs later.

The winter months—January, February, and March—offer many opportunities to get outside. So dress warmly, put on your boots, and tackle these winter gardening tasks.

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Blue Orchard Bees Mason Bees!

Pollination of food crops is essential to society, for without this pollination service, most fruits, nuts and other foods would simply disappear off our dinner tables.  Today, the world depends on a variety of pollinators to perform this task from a variety of sources: Honeybees and a number of other insects – and the hard working Mason Bee.


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Will My Tree Blow Over?

It’s not unusual to find an assortment of large trees in residential landscapes throughout our coastal region.  Many of these trees are native to the area and undoubtedly not much thought was given to their eventual size when they were planted. As a result, towering one-hundred foot plus Douglas firs, Western Red Cedars and gigantic big leaf maples along with other tree species often dominate the garden landscape.  With meteorologists predicting a stormy winter, the question is often asked, just how safe are these huge trees?  Is there a chance they could lose major branches or even blow over?

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